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KEF: Home Audio and Speakers

As revolutionaries in sound, KEF offers home audio and speaker systems unparalleled to anyone else in the industry. For over 50 years, KEF has been pushing technological boundaries, utilizing exceptional engineers and advanced technology to create innovative loudspeakers that impress audiophiles of all types. Experience the superior quality of their HiFi speaker systems that so extraordinarily exemplify sound reproduction. As KEF continues to create inventive speaker designs that shape the future of audio entertainment, experience the latest in their HiFi products as you become one with your music.

   KEF Overview

KEF engineers work tirelessly to create speakers that reproduce sound as close to the original as possible. Consequently, each innovative line of speakers they release is monumental in changing the way we hear sound. The characteristics and capabilities of KEF home audio and speakers systems are endless.

  • Flagship Speakers: Available in three varieties, the Flagship Speakers are the modern solution to your speaker needs. Consider the Muon or Blade if you’re looking for speakers to become the focal point of a room. Tight on space? Check out the revolutionary LS50.
  • Hi-Fi Speakers: Provide the perfect acoustic sound for your listening pleasure at a desirable price point with the award-winning Hi-Fi speaker series. Available in a range of sizes, these speakers provide listeners with studio or concert clarity without breaking the bank.
  • Home Theater Systems: Experience television like never before with 3D sound throughout your family or media room. With speakers as thin as your flat screen, KEF provides top of the line technology throughout their home theater systems.
  • Custom Installation: Obtain three-dimensional sound without having to display your speakers through KEF’s innovative designs. Enjoy high-quality, dynamic sound through the unobtrusive custom installation of KEF speakers.

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   Flagship Speakers

The innovative design of KEF Flagship Speakers will satisfy your craving for the ultimate in acoustic sound quality. These speakers utilize KEF’s breakthrough development of the Uni-Q driver that achieves acoustic clarity and off-axis dispersion for the most real, crisp sound around. KEF’s Flagship speakers include the Muon, Blade, and LS50, all of which have impressive characteristics.


The Muon Flagship Speakers were monumental in shaping the future of acoustic sound. These impressive standing loudspeakers combine state-of-the-art technology with the visions of legendary designer Ross Lovegrove to produce some of the most jaw-dropping speakers ever created. Crafted from super-formed aluminum, they certainly make a bold statement. Not only does their undeniably real sound impress audiophiles, the design, that stands over 6 feet tall, is sleek and sexy.


KEF engineers are no strangers to research, testing, and implementing some of the most amazing speakers. The Blade Flagship Speakers prove just that. These floor-standing speakers contain four 9” bass drivers, enough to make rappers and audiophiles alike rejoice. The Blade Two utilizes all the capabilities of the original design in a slightly smaller shape. These speakers exhibit amazing technology, pleasing aesthetics, and a realistic sound.


The LS50 mini monitor speaker allows you to bring these huge ideas into your home in a space-efficient manner. These impressive speakers combine clarity and neutrality in an affordable manner, with similar ones on the market almost triple the price. With these Stereophile Rated Class “A” loudspeakers, you’ll experience the ultimate in acoustic excellence. They were even named Budget Product and Overall Component of the Year, a double distinction that hasn’t been given out in over 22 years. You won’t find a more exceptional sounding mini HiFi speaker.

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   Hi-Fi Speakers

High-fidelity speakers have certainly revolutionized the way we hear sound. KEF’s HiFi speakers are the closest you will get to listening to something as it is being recorded, with crisp sounds that will change the way you hear music. By utilizing innovative loudspeaker technology, KEF revealed a variety of truly revolutionary HiFi speaker series.

Reference Series

The Reference HiFi speakers come in five models each producing amazing high-end acoustic sound as a result of over 40 years of engineering perfection. Amplify sound in your home in a way you never thought imaginable with the realistic sound produced from the Reference Series.

R Series

The R Series includes 9 high performance speakers that exhibit KEF’s technological accomplishments. Here you’ll find 3 floor-standers, a pair of stand-mounts, 2 center channels, a surround, and a subwoofer all of which utilize Uni-Q driver advancements and have Blade capabilities. The sleek exterior makes it as visually appealing as it sounds. Imagine a precise, pitch-perfect sound that excites any musical experience all at an affordable price.

Q Series

This award-winning series takes the audio industry to new levels. With advanced bass technologies, a newly engineered Uni-Q driver, and more accurate bass you’ll give the room even a more electrifying sound. Ensure your money's worth with these as you experience musical accuracy like no other.

C Series

The C Series combines acute sound qualities with a beautifully sleek style. These speakers boast the same high-definition qualities of speakers double their price. Enjoy the wonderful audio technology of the versatile C Series that deliver well-defined sound at an affordable price point.

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   Home Theater Systems

KEF home theater systems will transform your movie nights forever. These amazing speaker systems amplify what you’re watching on TV with high-definition 3D sound for the ultimate audio experience. These systems are easily mountable and installed to immediately fill the room with powerful sound.

T Series

With the T Series you'll find some of the world’s thinnest high performance home theater systems that produce only the cleanest, most accurate sound around.

E Series

The E Series home theater system produces endless, exquisite sound by utilizing KEF’s 4.25 inch Uni-Q driver. With these speakers/subwoofers, set-up is simple and works in any room. With subtle style changes, these speakers and subwoofers look contemporary and stylish.

KHT Series

The ground-breaking KHT series has won prestigious awards and high ratings due to their exceptional performance. The KHT home theater speakers provide realistic sound without interfering with other equipment. KEF’s breakthrough Uni-Q array coupled with other impressive components yield a strong audio performance, improved clarity, and a clean sound that will ultimately impress listeners.

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   Custom Installation


“Hide your speakers, not your sound”. This embodies the entirety of what KEF’s Ci Series offers. These speakers exercise all the unique and technical capabilities of KEF’s other ambitious models in a compact manner. Included in this series is the THX architectural speaker which underwent rigorous testing to ensure it plays audio from film and music as it’s meant to be heard. They create amazing high-quality, dynamic sound that will have movie and music lovers alike astonished.

Let Zen Electronics install your KEF speakers in a fast, efficient, and unobtrusive manner. You can obtain three-dimensional sound without having to display speakers. Whether in-ceiling, in-wall, or outdoors, impress guests with the amazing sound that comes from these ceiling speakers.

  • KEF - LS50 Mini Monitor (Pair) - Gloss Black - LS50
    KEF - LS50 Mini Monitor (Pair) - Gloss Black - LS50
    KEF - LS50 Mini Monitor (Pair) - Gloss Black - LS50 Designed to commemorate KEF’s 50th anniversary, the LS50 delivers best-of-market sound quality. It produces great bass for its size and minimizes the midrange sound...
  • KEF - R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - R500
    KEF - R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - R500
    KEF - R500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Priced individually) The R500 is the smallest floorstanding speaker of KEF’s R-series, but it’s slightly smaller stature doesn’t mean diminished sound quality. Like...
  • KEF - R700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - R700
    KEF - R700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - R700
    KEF - R700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Priced individually) KEF’s R700 speakers are the mid-sized pieces in the R-series lineup of floorstanding units. Unlike many of today’s speakers, which have curved...
  • Satin Walnut Finish
    KEF - R900 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) - R900
    KEF - R900 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Priced individually) KEF’s R900 floorstanding speakers combine room-filling audio power with subtle voice rendering for the ideal sound experience anytime you listen. Their clean,...

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