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BDI Furniture

BDI Furniture

BDI Entertainment Centers from BDI Furniture are recognized for their innovative design, quality craftsmanship and high-end materials, making them a favorite not only for their integrated features but also for BDI’s dedication to thoughtful engineering in home theater cabinetry. These modern entertainment centers do so much more than merely store your electronic components. Expect only the best from a BDI entertainment center with features including customizable cabinetry, hidden wheels allowing easy access to cables and connections, and flow-through ventilation to keep your components cool and performing at peak levels for years to come.
Read more about BDI home theater cabinetry and media consoles to see why we’re proud to offer a wide selection of these contemporary entertainment centers that come with a hefty three-year warranty and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

BDI Furniture



BDI Furniture creates functional home furnishings that offer distinctive style and timeless designs. All BDI collections are made with beautiful finishes and high quality materials, including hardwood veneers selected for beauty and character. These pieces come standard with a 3 year warranty, and their simple assembly instructions make building them a breeze.

Designed for Adjustability and Strength

BDI media consoles and BDI entertainment centers include drawers and multi-function compartments perfect for media or component storage, center channel use or general storage. Some drawers feature removable panel inserts so owners can customize their cabinet’s appearance and function by changing out glass panels with speaker panels and vice versa. Other BDI home theater furniture allows up to five varying heights for shelves to accommodate a wide range of purposes.

In addition to adjustable features on these modern entertainment centers, BDI Furniture is engineered to provide unwavering support for a wide range of entertainment equipment using high-end materials like tempered glass, robust TV mounts and sturdy panel construction. Each cabinet is made purposely to provide high strength support for your components whether they’re on display or hidden from sight in an enclosed cabinet.

Removable Back Panelsbdi-entertainment-center-removable-back-panel.jpg

BDI home theater cabinets all offer beautiful finishes, high quality materials and innovative engineering like their removable or sliding back panels. Each BDI entertainment center is built in such a way that their back panels can be removed easily, providing access to components and connections. Another great feature about the back panels is how accommodating they are for deep components. If you have a component that needs extra space to extend from the back, the back panels can be left off the cabinet without sacrificing any structural rigidity.

Corner Friendly

For room setups where a standard entertainment center isn’t the best solution, certain BDI TV stands and home theater furniture are specifically engineered for corner positioning to take up less valuable real estate in your home.

Tempered Glass

No need to have a temper tantrum when it comes to BDI entertainment centers - basically all glass in BDI home theater cabinets is tempered glass. This provides a higher degree of security from breakage because tempered glass is virtually shatterproof and strong enough to support the heaviest components as the glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass.

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BDI Furniture is the premier choice for home theater furniture, and here’s why: each BDI entertainment center, TV stand and media console is engineered with unique features, quality materials and functional designs that go above and beyond when it comes to providing a great home theater experience. By merging innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate today’s technology, BDI home theater cabinets and TV stands make the home theater feel more like home.

Flow-through Ventilationbdi-furniture-flow-through-ventilation.jpg

BDI Furniture, including their modern entertainment centers and contemporary TV stands, have long been ahead of the competition when it comes to covering all the important details like their flow-through ventilation that ensures your components perform at peak levels by keeping them cool. BDI home theater cabinets allow for airflow by integrating strategically placed ventilation slots into the bottom panels of each shelf and the removable back panels. This unique entertainment center design draws cool air through the bottom of the cabinet and allows heat to travel up and out the back - helping to extend the life of your equipment. All open BDI TV stands come with open shelving, so they are fully ventilated to provide the ultimate in heat dispersion.

Precision Hardware

All BDI entertainment centers come with top-of-the-line materials and finishes along with only the finest European-style hardware. BDI’s doors feature european style hinges which can be adjusted using a Phillips head screwdriver, and such adjustments are easy to make to correct the rare alignment issue. Rest assured knowing your TV and components are well-supported because each BDI tv stand offers sturdy construction and steel or interlocking-panel supports to provide a strong foundation for your home theater. Core design features on these modern entertainment centers are accented with sleek door handles and other metal details plus unique soft-close hinges on most door assemblies that are also fully adjustable so doors swing smoothly, hang evenly and close gently.

Concealed Speaker Compartmentbdi-concealed-speaker-compartment.jpg

Some BDI entertainment centers include a concealed compartment that is designed for use with a center channel speaker. This special compartment can be a drawer or a shelf, and it includes a speaker-fabric panel front which allows the speaker’s sound to come through. Certain tv stands offer the flexibility of allowing owners to remove the drawer completely to reveal a finished shelf which will accommodate larger speakers as well.

Cable Management

BDI includes simple and effective wire management solutions into every home theater furniture model so you can gather tangle of wires and cables with Velcro and keep them neatly bundled, organized and out of sight. These contemporary home theater cabinets also allow easy access to the rear of components via their removable back panels, and the integrated routing channels provide built-in space to organize and conceal speaker and TV cables. Open BDI TV stands feature a back panel with generous cable-routing options, and you can secure all cables out of sight using the supplied Velcro closures.

IR-friendly Glass

BDI TV entertainment centers offer IR-friendly glass that serves two important purposes. The grey tinted glass doors and windows on these modern TV stands keep your components out of sight while letting through the Infrared (IR) signals used by many remote controls.

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BDI home theater systems were the first to introduce the functional innovations detailed below as standard features, and all these thoughtful perks paired with high-end craftsmanship arrive in packaging that’s extremely protective of the product and modern design features included inside it.

Integrated Mounting Bracketbdi-integrated-mounting-bracket.jpg

BDI Entertainment Centers offer an optional supportive mounting bracket so you can securely mount a broad range of flat panel TVs directly to your home theater furniture quickly and easily. As an added benefit cable management keeps wires organized and out of sight, running them through the sturdy steel support column. Please refer to individual models for recommended TV sizes.

Integrated Swivel

Some BDI TV stands include an integrated swivel system, allowing for more versatility and ease of adjustment than other modern entertainment centers - plus this feature provides easy access to connections and cables when necessary. Simply adjust the screen with the touch of a hand to get a better view from anywhere in the room or turn it away from unwanted light.

Integrated Levelers

For optimum performance on uneven floors, BDI entertainments centers and TV stands include easy-to-adjust levelers that correct noticeable leveling issues caused by uneven flooring. These modern home theater cabinets featuring hidden wheels also include integrated levelers that are readily accessible from the inside of the cabinet, so the unit can be lifted up off its wheels and secured in place as needed.

Hidden Wheelsbdi-tv-stand-hidden-wheels.jpg

One feature on BDI entertainment centers that sets these modern TV stands apart is hidden wheels. Fully loaded cabinetry can weigh up to 220 pounds with a range of components installed. Hidden wheels beneath each leg assembly let one person easily move a fully loaded unit away from a wall to access cables and connections without having to rely on the help of another person to lift the cabinet into place. To secure BDI home theater cabinetry into place, levelers also allow for the unit to raise off its wheels.

Adjustable Shelves

To pair with components that come in various shapes and sizes, BDI home theater furniture is thoughtfully engineered accommodate a wide range of systems with ease of adjustment. These modern entertainment centers offer cabinets that are adjustable in 1.25-inch increments, and shelves in open BDI TV stands can be set at one of several preset positions using the unique steel shelf pins that come standard on all units. These special shelf pins include high-quality threaded inserts to re-adjust shelf positioning as many times as necessary, and they are rubber-padded to minimize vibration of components and protect them long-term.

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   BDI Furniture’s Sustainable Products

sustainable-bdi-furniture.gifBDI is as passionate about producing sustainable products as they are about great design. By building home theater furniture that’s made to last and adhering to timeless styles, they ensure BDI products are worthy of their cost - not only in regards to the purchase price but also in regards to justifying the materials they put to use in BDI entertainment centers and TV stands.

BDI furniture focuses on minimizing their impact on the environment and strives to use sustainable practices including reducing energy use while increasing productivity, recycling materials, and keeping a focus of green principles during all phases of production and shipping. BDI packaging is even moving toward being environmentally safer. The materials have been reduced to eliminate waste while protecting the product itself, and they’ve eliminated most styrofoam in favor of recycled materials.

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